15 March
First Step

1. Create your Account.

Find us at https://investinglogs.com/login/, creating your personal account or you can also login with third party social media account Google, Facebook or Twitter.

2. Create Your Portfolio Lists.

Your own portfolio list can be created either by “ Portfolio List” in the sidebar or by clicking“ More Info” on “Portfolio Lists” right at the top. Click “ Create New Portfolio” and fill in the portfolio form. Note: Portfolio Name is quite personalized, such as HK Stock, US Stock, AIP, it is actually whatever you want to name your portfolio category or type.

3. Record Your Transactions.

The “Trade” button is to record your every transaction under your portfolio list. Transaction Date, Symbol, Price and Amount at the top of the panel are a must of your record. You can record all your transactions by inputting the necessary information. The table below shows more details, of which “ T/P or S/L” and “P% /L%” are only applicable to “Close Long”. Click “Edit” button and remark at “ Description”, you will mark a memo of your transaction.

4. Check your Positions.

When there are too many transactions, you may usually want to get a whole picture about what you are holding and how profitable the transactions are, simply click “Check Positions” on the left top of the transaction details table, then you will get it. Pie charts and grafts below make it clearer and more vivid.

5. Check Position History.

If you record a close long transaction and make one or more of the holdings liquidate, you will first get hints by the highlights within the table. Then again, click “Check Positions” on the left top of the transaction details table, slide to the bottom, you will find “Position History” which shows open and closing date, average price, holding period and final realized profit/loss.

6. Backup.

Our web app can also convert to Excel and save to local drive, which make it easier for you to back up regularly.

March 15, 2022, 10:42 p.m.